May 2023. With Daniel Barnard and David Brauner, ‘Forget what you know: ‘Witnessing’ the Holocaust through tech-based multimedia experiences in the ‘post-witness era’’, The British and Irish Association for Holocaust Studies online conference (forthcoming, May)

April 2023. ‘“Nicht nur die Juden geht es an”: Bruno Heilig’s writings and the Shoah in Austria,’ Austrian Studies Association Conference, Lafayette College, P.A. (USA)

August 2022. ‘Refugee Memoirs as British anti-Nazi Propaganda during the Second World War: The Cases of Hermann Rauschning and Irmgard Litten’. Writing the World Wars. University College, Cork

Sept. 2021. ‘Seduction and Destruction: Teaching Eighteenth-Century German Literature in the Era of #MeToo’. Association of German Studies Conference, University of Swansea

May 2021. ‘Goethe’s Politics and Political Uses: Nazi and anti-Nazi Readings of Des Epimenides Erwachen’. The White Rose and The Uses of Culture, Online Colloquium, University of Oxford

May 2021. ‘”I could have slapped myself”: Complicity and Resistance in Sebastian Haffner’s Defying Hitler’. Compromised Identities? Perpetration and Complicity, Past and Present. Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London, virtual conference.

Oct. 2019. Roundtable discussant, ‘Protest in Print: 1968 in Reviews’, University of Birmingham

Sept. 2019. ‘Fiktive Sterbebriefen im Siebenjährigen Krieg / Fictional ‘Last Letters’ of the Seven Years’ War’. Germanistentag, Saarbrücken, Germany

June 2019. ‘Ecocritical Readings of the ‘Modern’ Metropolis: Berlin, 1880-1910’. Oxford Undergraduate Symposium

May 2019. ‘Ecocriticism, Nature and the City: Writing Berlin, 1880-1910.’ Europe’s Environments: Climates of Change and Sustainability in Cross-disciplinary Perspectives, University of Birmingham 

Oct. 2019. Panel convenor and chair of ‘Ecocritical Readings of Eighteenth-Century Literature in German’, and panel co-convenor and co-chair of ‘Teaching Alterity’. German Studies Association Conference, University of Bristol.

Nov. 2018. ‘All You Need is Love [and good Time Management and a Self-Care Practice]’ WIGS Postgraduate and ECR Workshop, University of Aston

Oct. 2018. ‘Vom Gehirn noch warm, zerfleischt das Schwert die Eingeweide’: Imagined War Wounds in the Poems of Anna Louisa Karsch (1760–62)’. German Studies Association Conference, Pittsburgh, P.A.

June 2018. Poster Presentation: ‘Remembering ‘1968’: A Collaborative Student Blog’. 1968/2018: Protest, Performance and the Public Sphere, Warwick Univeristy

Oct. 2017. ‘Dutschke shows the wounds / Eiffe heals’: Christianity and Anti-authoritarianism in West Germany, 1968’. Modern Humanities Research Association Postgraduate and Early Career Conference, IMLR.

Sept. 2017. ‘Gezwungner Scherz’: Pain and play in Anna Louisa Karsch’s Sapphische Lieder (1761–62)’. The Poetics of Personhood, Magdalene College Cambridge

April 2017. ‘Des Knaben Wunderhorn and Nationalism: From Resistance to Retreat’. Nationalism Before the Nation: Inclusion, Exclusion and Self-Definition, 1756-1871. UCL.

Feb. 2017. ‘Foucault versus Anna Louisa Karsch: The “author-function” of a Female Peasant Poet.’ ‘Life/Work(Shop)’, Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London.

Nov. 2016. ‘Political Poetry and “Author-function” in Rudolph Zacharias Becker’s Mildheimisches Liederbuch (1799 and 1815).’ School of European Languages, Culture and Society, Work in Progress Seminar, University College London.

‘Oct. 2016. “A Manuscript for Friends”: The ‘Private’ Publication of Gleim’s Late
Poems.’ MHRA annual conference, Institute of Modern Languages Research, London.

Sept. 2016. ‘Romantic Resistance in Des Knaben Wunderhorn.‘ Public Research Symposium on German Cultures and Practices of (Anti)Authority, University College London.

May 2016. ‘Wars Past and Wars Present in Des Knaben Wunderhorn.‘ German
Academic Exchange Service Postgraduate Summer School, University of Leeds.

March 2016. ‘Wine, Women and… War?: Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim’s Versuch in Scherzhaften Liedern (1744/45).’ 59th National Postgraduate Colloquium for German Studies, Senate House, London.

Nov. 2015. ‘”Also mein allerliebster redette ihr Sapho mit dem Kriege”: Voices in the War Poetry of Anna Louisa Karsch.’ 58th National Postgraduate Colloquium for German Studies, University of Kent.

July 2014. ‘Harping on: Music and Performance in Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse Literature.’ International Medieval Congress, Leeds.

Nov. 2013. ‘Infanticide in Des Knaben Wunderhorn: Romantic Variations on a Sturm und Drang Theme.’ Women in German Studies Conference, University of Sheffield.

July 2013. “Das ist kein Goethesches Gretchen”: Women in Des Knaben Wunderhorn.’ German Academic Exchange Service Postgraduate Summer School, University of Nottingham.

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