Public-facing writing

‘Nora Waln: Quaker journalist whose memoir tried to understand the Nazis’, The Conversation, August 25 2020.

‘“Lefty Lawyers” and “Law and Order”: Who is the Law for?’ The Morning Star (23.10.2020)


The Jena Set’, review of Magnificent Rebels by Andrea Wulf, History Today (November 2022).

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

2023     ‘Hitler’s Unwilling Bystanders: Sebastian Haffner’s Memoir as Illustration of the ‘Bystander Society’’, Journal of Perpetrator Research (in press)

2023    ‘Goethe’s Politics and his Political Uses: Nazi and anti-Nazi Readings of Des Epimenides Erwachen’, Oxford German Studies, 52.1 (2023), 15-27

2022 ‘Teaching eighteenth-century German Literature in the Era of #MeToo: Gender and the Enlightenment Canon’, Publications of the English Goethe Society, 91.2 (2022), 124-39.

2021 ‘Four Responses to Nazism’, Journal of the British Academy, 9 (2021): 59-72.

2021 ‘Romantic Nationalism or Romantic Retreat? Re-evaluating the Politics of Arnim and Brentano’s Des Knaben Wunderhorn (1805/1808)’, German Life and Letters, 74.2 (2021), 166-182.

2018    ‘“Nicht unsrer Lesewelt, und nicht der Ewigkeit”: Late Style in Gleim’s Zeit- and Sinngedichte (1792–1803)’, Edinburgh German Yearbook 12: Re-Populating the Eighteenth Century: Second-Tier Writing in the German Enlightenment, edited by Johannes Birgfeld and Michael Wood (Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2018), 52–68.

2016    ‘Infanticide in Des Knaben Wunderhorn and Faust I: Romantic Variations on a      Sturm und Drang Theme’, Oxford German Studies, 45.4 (2016), 405–20.

2016    ‘“Also mein allerliebster redette ihre Sapho mit dem Kriege.” Literary Roleplay in the War Poetry of Anna Louisa Karsch’, German Life and Letters, 69.3 (2016), 302–20. (Awarded the Women in German Studies Postgraduate Essay Prize in 2015.)

Book chapters

—-       ‘Germany’s ‘1968’: New Questions and Directions,’ with Katharina Karcher. In The Routledge Handbook of Teaching German: Contexts, Methods and Skills, edited by Ruth Whittle (Abingdon: Routledge, forthcoming).

2020       ‘“Du […] schenkst der Menschheit bessre Gaben, als der Held im Leichenfeld”:     Morality, War, and Patriotism in Becker’s Mildheimisches Liederbuch (1799 and 1815),’ in Nationalism before the Nation State: Literary Constructions of Inclusion, Exclusion and Self-Definition (1756– 1871), edited by Dagmar Paulus and Ellen Pilsworth (Leiden: Brill, 2020).

2018    ‘R=T=Dialogue? Dialogue as a Model for Research-based Learning at University, with a Focus on Translation in Foreign Language Study,’ with Robert Eaglestone. In Connecting Research and Teaching: Shaping Higher Education with Students, edited by Vincent Tong, Alex Standen and Mina Sotiriou (London: UCL Press, 2018), pp. 126–36.

Edited Volumes

2020    Nationalism before the Nation State: Literary Constructions of Inclusion, Exclusion and Self-Definition (1756–1871), co-edited with Dr Dagmar Paulus. (Leiden: Brill, 2020)

Nationalism Before the Nation State: Literary Constructions of Inclusion, Exclusion, and Self-Definition (1756-1871), co-edited with Dagmar Paulus (Brill, 2020)
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