18th Century German Literature

My eighteenth-century research interests are:

  • History of war in the German-speaking lands, 1756-1815 (The Seven Years’ War, the Bavarian Wars of Succession, The Napoleonic Wars)
  • Literary constructions of national identity before political unification
  • Poetry concerning political topics e.g. war and social inequality
  • 18th-century ideologies of gender
  • The policing of female sexuality, especially the issue of infanticide as a result of illegitimate pregnancy
  • Women’s writing
  • Print cultures in the Enlightenment period
  • German Romanticism

I have explored this research in several articles, and in 2020, with Dr Dagmar Paulus, I co-edited the volume Nationalism Before the Nation-State: Literary Constructions of Inclusion, Exclusion, and Self-Definition (1756–1871).

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